Blessed by the Father

bwclipartReflecting on how blessed I am and have been, I can see so clearly in hind sight what could only be seen through the eyes of a wise Father through forethought. He has planned out a path for me, tailored to me. It’s immensely humbling and awe inspiring. My Mom and Dad put up with a lot from me as I grew up. But then again not as much as many of my contemporaries. I never took the car out for a joy ride or took a joy ride that ended badly. In my lifetime I’ve never smoked more than one puff of marijuana, one was way more than enough for a life time. I’ve never been drunk, not for lack of stupidly trying. I can honestly say I’ve never hated any person enough to beat them unconscious or dead. Not that I’ve never been very angry, it’s just never lasted very long. I have only two persons where it still bothers me that I would rather not see them again in my lifetime. Both hurt my wife.

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Why Not Sing During Worship?

Edge-OnGalaxyNGC4013I really enjoy praising God with my meager singing voice. By secular measure, I’m sure that’s the best valuation I can give my voice.

But over the years, something has really struck me hard. Again and again.

Why do so many worshipers not join in the singing? There are times when I look about me and note that about half of those standing with me are not singing. Please understand, I am not condemning anyone of some sing-song-sin just because you’re not singing along, but won’t someone help me understand the mind set?
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Where I Stand

I love my loving father, God in heaven, the creator. I love Him first. I am not loved by Him more or less than anyone else on the planet.  I am humbled that He invites us to seek out His will and please Him. I read a detailed description of His will in the Holy Bible. I humbly exert my best efforts to understand and apply His will in my life. He is, after all, infinitely smarter than I am… Infinitely more loving that I am…

Who am I to challenge Him or to be so arrogant that I would think I know better that He about ANYTHING? Anything at all? I am extremely grateful that he is so patient with my flaws and mistakes. He freely forgives, if I will choose His will over mine or that of a very real Satan.

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Just a thought or two…

I seem to have lots of them these days. And I’m convinced that they wander far and wide too. Should they be reigned in or allowed lots of freedom? I haven’t come to a decision on that one yet. Where will they go? Will it be safe? What will they come back with? Will it be worth the journey? I have so many. Can I spare a few? Is it worth the risk?

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