My Daily Prayer

7634_102638299749263_222633_n.jpgOur Lord and Father in Heaven, The Creator of all, You are worthy of all praise, honor and glory.

Thank You Father, for  one   more   day  to humbly serve You, my Master.

For those who are at war with You and Your chosen, send confusion into all their schemes and cause them to tremble at the name of The Most High.

For those who are seeking You, whether they know it or not, bring them a good steward of The Word, to guide them so that they understand and accept Your words of wisdom and hope. Then place the Holy Spirit on their heart so they grow in the Word.

For everyone I know, both enemies and loved ones, I ask that you replace all worry, sadness, pain, illness, financial troubles and doubt with Your hope, Your joy, Your confidence, Your self-control, Your peace and a spirit of health from You.

For those who are lonely or feeling excluded I ask that You place your loving arms about them, as only You can do.

For those who have been offended, even if by a brother or sister in Christ, remember that they are imperfect, just like you. Satan celebrates while you waste time being angry at another. Rise above the pain and reconcile, for your own good and maybe for theirs.

For those who grieve over their sin, so that they struggle under it’s weight. I ask that as He brings you close, that you are able to put sin far, far away. Please pray to Him asking for forgiveness, faith and direction. Accept that He has forgiven all. Go and do what is right in His sight.

Please put a protective hedge around my family and friends. For all the souls that are in the midst of chaos, war, famine, illness and pain I ask that you bring relief through your servants, shine your light where there is shadow and place love in the hearts of all.

Lord, help me to always be loving, giving, true and loyal toward my wife. Thank You Lord for her continuing and profound effect on my life.

As one of your adopted children, help me, in all that I do, to be pleasing in Your sight, a good example. Forgive me when I do anything to turn one of your children from walking in the light with You. Help me to bring them back.

While I work, please guard me against temptation, fill me with energy, focus and presence of mind to stay true to the tasks at hand. Help me to be more productive than I was yesterday.

Please send and grow in me the creative spark I need as I work to serve those who have chosen me to help them.

Please give me more strength and courage to speak Your words, the right words, at the right time, in everything that I say. Please steal away any wrong words being readied in my heart or mind.

Thank you Lord for sending Your only Son to walk among us as a man to teach us the good news. Thank You for holding back Your hand of wrath while He endured in our place upon the cross. Please forgive us.

All this I humbly ask in the Holy and precious name of Your Son, Jesus, Amen!


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