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Here is a list of all of my posts to this blog. They are listed with the most recent at the top. I hope I represent myself to you as one who is always wrestling against the secular, to allow God to rule in my Mind, Heart and Soul. Peace to you my brothers and sisters.

  • Christian Businesses and the LGBT Community - That is a hot topic today. With Christian photographers, caterers, cake decorators, event planners, etc. When I first heard about the incidents between aggressive members of the LGTB community and Christian business owners, I was really angry with those in … Continue reading
  • Oklahoma Beheading: Religious Act Like Any Other Religion? - I realize that for some this will be a hot topic. Perhaps too hot for a Christian to address in these end-times. Never-the-less; today I read an article about the violent attacks that Alton Nolen (Oklahoma) is accused of. In … Continue reading
  • Holding Onto Sexual Purity - How many of you have heard of these object lessons about lost sexual purity? A used tooth brush A flower picked A pudding someone else stuck their finger into (This one I heard of long ago) A fallen fruit A … Continue reading
  • My version of “Boys vs. Real Men” - I saw the original to the Boys vs. Real Men list more than a week ago and thought I’d tweak it. But I wanted to attribute the source of the original. I was unable to find that bit of information. But … Continue reading
  • (Not) Celebrating Christmas - Ephesians 4:1-3 urges us “to walk in a manner worthy of the calling to which you have been called, with all humility and gentleness, with patience, bearing with one another in love, eager to maintain the unity of the Spirit … Continue reading
  • Digital Photos: Are You Safely Sharing? - I knew photos COULD embed the latitude and longitude automatically, because I use this ‘feature’ to add “locality” to my customer’s websites. The kicker is I assumed the default setting is “OFF” on all mobile devices. Silly me. To anyone … Continue reading
  • Head Space - Where is my head at these days?  I’m never quite sure if I should follow the impulse to answer that rhetorical question or not. And my mind just spins in place. Slowly mind you but spin it does. I thought … Continue reading
  • Blessed by the Father - Reflecting on how blessed I am and have been, I can see so clearly in hind sight what could only be seen through the eyes of a wise Father through forethought. He has planned out a path for me, tailored … Continue reading
  • Why Not Sing During Worship? - I really enjoy praising God with my meager singing voice. By secular measure, I’m sure that’s the best valuation I can give my voice. But over the years, something has really struck me hard. Again and again. Why do so … Continue reading
  • Where I Stand - I love my loving father, God in heaven, the creator. I love Him first. I am not loved by Him more or less than anyone else on the planet.  I am humbled that He invites us to seek out His will … Continue reading


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