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I was born in 1958, I’m a teddy bear to my friends and apparently a hard place to those who don’t like me or know me well.  I’m a large man with a big heart (literally and figuratively) and humble dreams. I love my Father in Heaven with all my heart first, My wife and children next, others and myself last.

Happily, our children are strong willed, independent and opinionated. I believe they are strong enough for this world full of so many who are mean minded and selfish. I have no expectations for our children to be uber-achievers as the secular world measures such things. Each of them have sought to find someone to share their life with. Two have made their choice and left home, the youngest is (as of this writing) still on his journey. My hope for each of them (and their spouses) is to always love God, always grow, always forgive, always move forward, hate less and love more.  I’m not above begging, so I’ll beg that once each day, please take a moment to see everything while standing in the other person’s shoes with charity, clarity and perspective toward them.

To the whole world, if I have wronged you and I know it, please forgive me. If I don’t know it, please talk to me. Sooner rather than later. If I get defensive, I apologize, that’s my knee jerking me around. Give me a moment or two to process what you’ve communicated. Please patiently try again. It is my strong desire to always build bridges and leave none burned, in so far as it depends upon me.

To all who know me. Remember, there is always room for a smile or a tear on any man’s face, Lord knows I’ve been there many times.

I Humbly thank you My Master in Heaven for all that You have blessed me with.


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