Holding Onto Sexual Purity

How many of you have heard of these object lessons about lost sexual purity?

  • A used tooth brush
  • A flower picked
  • A pudding someone else stuck their finger into (This one I heard of long ago)
  • A fallen fruit
  • A half-eaten fruit
  • A piece of chewed gum
  • An unwrapped gift
  • Food that fell in the dirt

I want you to think about something. How are these object lessons received by those who believe they have lost their sexual purity? How do those who hear this, view someone whose purity has been stolen? How does the thief view their target?

Essentially the ‘object’ has lost value and worth. The person (and those who know them) thinks they are unworthy or valueless. Also, the one who would steal purity, does not see their target as human. To the thief, they’re an object to steal from or posses. They don’t think of the horrendous spiritual and psychological damage to that person.

As brothers and sisters in Christ we need to support the worth of each soul. We need to offer grace and help people return to innocence. Please prayerfully examine your own purity, then regain what was lost and guard it against future theft. As a community we need to come along-side those around us to help them see what our Father in Heaven sees in each of us. Remember that He valued us so greatly that He gave his only Son to die and pay our sin debt before we were born.

People must not minimize people (men, boys, women or girls) into objects. Once perceived as an object, the next step is a growing desire to use up the object’s worth and dispose of the left-overs. In the mind of a thief the left-overs have no value. And when we objectify a person, we support the idea of ‘lost value’. God’s grace, I believe, does not support this idea.

This thinking of someone as an object, fuels a culture of rape. Let me clarify that I believe that the culture of rape includes prostitution, advertising with a sexual angle, unreasonable expectations in beauty, physical and emotional rape, pornography, child abduction & slavery and so much more.

As an aside on beauty, God our father created you and I. Please, use His eyes to measure beauty, not those of a world ruled by Satan. What happens TO YOU in this earth will never diminish your God given beauty. Your own actions and thinking can reduce your self-worth in your own estimation, but not in God’s eyes. I believe, God’s grace can restore your loss of purity. So, boys and girls, I say battle against thinking that you are an object. God doesn’t think that way. And, to avoid becoming a thief, you must battle against thinking that anyone else is an object. I use the word ‘battle’ because it’s not a one time fight, it is an ongoing battle that will likely not end in this life. Satan isn’t going to let up while you live on this earth. Train members of your community to fight the advancement of the rape culture. We are all beautifully created in His image.

This aspect of today’s culture can and must be diffused. We must point the way to grace, to support healing for those who have been objectified and for those who have bought into the rape culture.

I saw tremendous spiritual value in what Sarah Galo had to say but, I felt it did not go far enough. So this post is adapted from her article:

Sarah, I hope you don’t mind. Please contact me if you do, to take this down.


About Kerry Townsend

I do the best I can humanly do to follow Jesus Christ. I am not perfect. But the perfection described by God, is what I seek. I build websites to help others and earn my food & lodging.
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