Digital Photos: Are You Safely Sharing?

7K0A0686I knew photos COULD embed the latitude and longitude automatically, because I use this ‘feature’ to add “locality” to my customer’s websites. The kicker is I assumed the default setting is “OFF” on all mobile devices. Silly me. To anyone who is security conscious, please disable this on your phone!


I did a little digging and want to pass you some more information. You should be concerned about any digital pictures you currently have or receive from others. Before you share any digital pics online (they may have been taken before you changed the settings on your camera/mobile phone) you can and should clean off the information you don’t wish to share.

I found a free app that lets you remove EXIF information from existing pictures. EXIF is information embedded in a digital picture that includes things like Lat & Long (precise location on earth), camera model & serial number, date & time pic was taken, and more.

Here’s the link:


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