Blessed by the Father

bwclipartReflecting on how blessed I am and have been, I can see so clearly in hind sight what could only be seen through the eyes of a wise Father through forethought. He has planned out a path for me, tailored to me. It’s immensely humbling and awe inspiring. My Mom and Dad put up with a lot from me as I grew up. But then again not as much as many of my contemporaries. I never took the car out for a joy ride or took a joy ride that ended badly. In my lifetime I’ve never smoked more than one puff of marijuana, one was way more than enough for a life time. I’ve never been drunk, not for lack of stupidly trying. I can honestly say I’ve never hated any person enough to beat them unconscious or dead. Not that I’ve never been very angry, it’s just never lasted very long. I have only two persons where it still bothers me that I would rather not see them again in my lifetime. Both hurt my wife.

My three sisters, I will forever ask them for forgiveness. The youngest one passed on and left her son in the care of Fran and I. The oldest one has a dear sweet heart that is hard to say no to. The middle sister, the TALL one. She’s real writer. I’m proud to say they are/were my sisters. But I remember also that I was a really bratty, self-centered little boy. I’m sorry. Don’t know if or how I can ever make that up to you.

Our kids are the best and we only want better for them. Like any (normal) parents we struggle with wanting to protect them too much or too little. I admit I sometimes get this right and Fran gets it right more often than I do.

Our oldest married a guy that is in so many ways a lot like I was and still am. Always throwing some kind of unexpected look or statement. Occasionally forgetful at the worst possible moment. Sometimes sincerely tearing up at a scene in a chick flick or saying something off the cuff and it’s taken so wrong. Sometimes too lazy to help with the housework.  Sometimes doing housework the WRONG way…

Hang in there you two. The best is yet to come.

Child number two. Always a challenge. She MADE me stretch and grow, and grow some more. Ultra sensitive heart, fiercely insistent and always seemed to have a sense of direction (on so many levels) like her mom. She has always found her own center and methodically chosen whom she would give her heart to. Never likely to withdraw her heart unless emotionally beaten, severely.

Child number three. Our child from another mother but no less, one of ours. He is kind hearted and gentle if you invite him to be. He is the overcomer. When he was 3 to 4 years old some said he would not be able to do average things. In hind-sight, he has proven able to do things exceptionally well and sooner than the average child. Except for people getting him side-tracked sometimes, he is very focused on the task at hand. When he’s not being shy, he has a BIG smile that fills up a room.

All our kids are no-longer kids. They are grown-ups. I tear up just to think of how far each of them has come and how far they will go. A really good mom and wife or a policeman. I’m sure that whatever they do they will give it all they’ve got. It’s the way the are.

All I’ve mentioned here have been Blessed by God and so am I. All praise to Him.


About Kerry Townsend

I do the best I can humanly do to follow Jesus Christ. I am not perfect. But the perfection described by God, is what I seek. I build websites to help others and earn my food & lodging.
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3 Responses to Blessed by the Father

  1. fran says:

    I love you.

  2. Diane Davis says:

    It is always humbling to ponder the many ways the Father blesses us each and every day. It is especially awe-inspiring to look back on our lives and see the way He took our mistakes and turned them for His good purpose. He stands outside of time, so He can see where we are going, and He is constantly working for our good. Like a father teaching his child to walk, He patiently goes before us, preparing the way for us to learn and grow.

    The past only matters in as far as it has brought you to where you are and made you who you are–a child of God, a loving human being, and a blessing to all who know you. I thank God for you, brother. Be at peace.

  3. I noticed a suspicious lack of yours truly in this article! Perhaps a full article for moi? JK, good heart-felt post.

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