Just a thought or two…

I seem to have lots of them these days. And I’m convinced that they wander far and wide too. Should they be reigned in or allowed lots of freedom? I haven’t come to a decision on that one yet. Where will they go? Will it be safe? What will they come back with? Will it be worth the journey? I have so many. Can I spare a few? Is it worth the risk?

B&W Image of age

Age is a beautiful thing, to be honored and cherished. (p.s. this is not of me)

It’s funny how often that a couple of letters transposed produce an existing word. I just misspelled worth and it became wroth. That word “wroth” simply put means angry. I didn’t believe I was angry, but there it was. But I guess that idea is somewhat wrong. When it comes down to it, I am not angry at anyONE I know personally.

I guess I’m angry at “people” with selfish agenda’s. In this case I mean the word “people” to stand for any individual or group of humans. I’m angry at them for choosing, accepting or creating a selfish agenda and then using it on others. And it doesn’t matter to me if their agenda affects me or someone close to me. Self promotion at someone else’s expense, a scam, greed for greed’s sake, etc. It’s just wrong. I wish I had a way to give them all a really bad taste in their mouth when they push their agenda. Something like chewing on a skunk’s stink gland or a leaky balloon filled with rotting, black moldy, onions. Something that would really deter them from EVER being so self centered again.


About Kerry Townsend

I do the best I can humanly do to follow Jesus Christ. I am not perfect. But the perfection described by God, is what I seek. I build websites to help others and earn my food & lodging.
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